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Dr. Jamie Nenezian

Dr. Jamie Nenezian, a native of Central Florida, earned her Bachelor's Degree in Microbiology and Cell Science from the University of Florida before continuing her academic journey at UF's College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 2016. During her time in veterinary school, she was an active member of the student chapter of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care club, launching her true passion in veterinary medicine: emergency care.

The daughter of the renowned Dr. Parrott, Dr. Nenezian inherited a deep-seated interest in primates, avian species, and a broader fascination with wildlife and exotics. Her commitment to the well-being of animals extends to her favorite, the opossum, reflecting a unique and diverse spectrum of care in her professional repertoire.

Dr. Nenezian joined the team of St. Charles Veterinary Hospital after graduation in 2016, where she quickly became the practice's medical director and part owner, becoming a full owner in 2023. Dr. Nenezian spearheaded the evolution of St. Charles Veterinary Hospital from a general practice with limited hours to a 24 hour emergency and general practice hybrid. When not involved in emergency cases Dr. Nenezian enjoys mentoring and teaching the DVMs and staff of SCVH.In her personal realm, Dr. Nenezian is surrounded by a loving family, including her husband, daughter, three dogs, two horses, and a flock of chickens. Beyond the veterinary clinic, she finds balance and joy in activities such as CrossFit, movie watching, reading, and embracing the outdoors.