Wildlife Rehabilitation

Dr. Nenezian is federally and state licensed for wildlife rehabilitation and is on call for the State of Florida Wildlife Fish & Game Commission. At St. Charles Veterinary Hospital we are trained in wildlife rehabilitation and treat those injured animals who are capable of being treated and released.

It is extremely important to leave non-injured wildlife where they belong… in the wild! If you happen to see wildlife, particularly babies, leave them alone. Chances are their mother has been scared away and will return to her babies once the perceived predator has gone away. You may wish to go back at another time to check on these babies to see if the mother has returned, and only at this time should you attempt to rescue such wildlife. Never disturb wildlife in their natural environment in an attempt at doing a good deed if a mother may be close by waiting to retrieve her young.

If you happen to find a wild animal who is truly injured you may bring it to St. Charles Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Nenezian will make every attempt to treat and rehabilitate the animal if it is capable of a full recovery. We will not pick up any wildlife as it is the responsibility of those who find the injured animal to bring it to our clinic located at 2360 North Blvd. West, Davenport, Florida 33837. You may also reach us by phone at (863) 438-6600. Also, please be aware that any injured wildlife not capable of a full recovery must be euthanized per state law.

God’s Helping Hands

God’s Helping Hands is a 501(c)3 that was originally started by Terri Parrott, DVM and her three daughters while living on a farm outside of Lake Wales, Florida 10 years ago. When GHH was first started Dr. Parrott, her family and many volunteers helped to establish an avenue for injured and rehabilitate wildlife as well as facilitate equestrian therapeutic riding for children with disabilities. The charge of this not for profit organization has always been to serve the best interest of animals who can not take care of themselves, namely injured wildlife. In March of 2011, Dr. Parrott opened her own private veterinary practice in Davenport, Florida (St. Charles Veterinary Hospital). Since the opening of this new, AAHA accredited, state of the art veterinary practice, Dr. Nenezian and her team are the only veterinary hospital in East Polk County licensed to treat and rehabilitate injured wildlife. Over the course of the last year and a half the team has treated, rehabilitated and or released raccoons, opossums, deer, birds of prey, cranes, song birds, water fowl, tortoise, turtles, squirrels and most recently a baby bobcat injured in a forest fire. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation eligible on your Tax Return, click the “Donate” button below or visit our Facebook page and click the “Donate” button. You may also mail a check or money order made payable to “God’s Helping Hands” prior to December 31st or call (863) 438-6600 for further inquiries.

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