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Dr. Julie Byers

Dr. Julie Byers is another native of Central Florida, raised on Disney, Publix Subs, and all things Florida. After earning her undergraduate degree in Animal Science Biology from the University of Florida, Dr. Byers continued her education at Mississippi State University earning her degree of veterinary medicine in 2017. From there, she lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for several years building her foundation as an emergency veterinarian with a passion for emergency surgery before returning to Central Florida.

Beyond the walls of the clinic, Dr. Byers finds joy in various pursuits that reflect her vibrant personality. Last summer, she embarked on a journey across the US with her golden retriever Caiman and horse Spiffy providing veterinary relief work and demonstrating her commitment to animal care has no limits. Whether she's competing in barrel races, or traveling to new destinations with a sense of curiosity and adventure, Dr. Byers brings a well-rounded and compassionate approach to both her professional and personal life.

Her passion for emergency veterinary care extends beyond the clinic, making her not just a proficient professional but also a warm and empathetic individual who strives to create a positive impact in the lives of animals and their human companions. Dr. Julie Byers stands as a shining example of a veterinarian who seamlessly blends expertise, compassion, and a zest for life in her pursuit of excellence in veterinary medicine.