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Dr. Walker Roberts

Dr. Roberts, a native of Bedford, New Hampshire, embarked on her academic journey at West Virginia University, graduating in 2014 with a major in Animal Sciences and a minor in Biology. In 2018, she proudly received her veterinary degree from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

Her professional interests span a diverse spectrum, encompassing avian medicine, acupuncture, and the innovative realms of 3D modeling and printing. Dr. Roberts has dedicated a significant portion of her life to the study of avian medicine, ranging from the care of client-owned parrots to conducting research on Andean Condors in Ecuador. She is currently on the path to becoming a specialized avian veterinarian.

Beyond her passion for avian health, Dr. Roberts revels in the joy of escaping the northern cold, taking leisurely walks, and tending to her vibrant flock of cockatiels and parakeets. She's also an ardent enthusiast of video games, costuming, and conventions.