Nicole Lyons

Nicole was born on the beaches of Melborne, FL with a robust 17-year tenure in veterinary care, Nicole has proven herself a skilled manager with expertise spanning general practice, emergency medicine, and exotics. For 13 years, she honed her craft in general practice, seamlessly integrating both Eastern and Western medical approaches. Transitioning to emergency care and exotics, Nicole joined the team of St. Charles Veterinary Hospital in 2018.  

Nicole’s amazing leadership skills and ability to motivate our team in a positive way were evident early on leading to her natural promotion as SCVH’s Technician Manager in 2019.   Working with primates is one of Nicole’s favorite aspects of her job but French Bulldogs hold a special place in her heart. When not leading the team at SCVH Nicole loves to spends time with her Family, her Frenchie "Lilo", working out, and getting her doses of saltwater which she finds to be the best medicine.